ANA 737 nearly flips, pilot error

” co-pilot of an ANA 737-700 was trying to open the cockpit door for the plane’s captain who was returning from the restroom. The co-pilot hit the wrong button, causing the plane to tip more than 130 degrees to the left and dive about 6,200 feet – more than one mile — in about 30 seconds.”

sounds amazing. But reminds me of the Air Crash Investigation series, where two 737 crashed under similar circuimtances.  and one 737 survived barely from sideways flip. The problem was caused by tail actuator valve that was freezed over at high altitude and when hot hydraulic oil enters the valve, it got stuck and sometimes even reverse it’s actions.

It was mentioned that 737 are fixed for this problem, but if the problem is still there, it’s just too painfull to admit it, as all the 737 would have to be grounded. and it’s one of the most used aircrafts out there.

much easier to blame it on the pilots error.

but there is no way to be sure. only fact is that it flipped and 737 have been known to flip.


“the pilots have been trained for rudder hard lefts or rights?” maybe the problem is not totally fixed?


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