Triumph tiger 800 and BMW GS1200 rear peg fail

both are great bikes and rivals in same category of bikes, but both have one major flaw in my opinion.

These bikes are made for road and moderate off-road or dirt road usage. As a long time motorcycle rider I know people like to modify bikes to suit the usage. If they run solo most of the time, many bikers want to remove rear passenger pegs. There is couple of reasons for this. First it saves weight and also removes pegs so they don’t broke if the bike falls down and sometimes just looks as the bikes looks more purpose full without rear pegs. If you want that Paris Dakar look, you don’t want rear pegs.

Both bikes share this plus another issue that the rear peg frames are welded to the rear subframe. And the worst part is that in both bikes the rear frame is welded to the front frame. So there is no way to change the rear subframe if it’s damaged. Also minor crash that bends the rear peg frame would end up in totaling the bike. The whole frame needs to be changed.

The only reason for this design flaw is cost saving gone too far. They want to weld everything ready to the frame so the manufacturing line has less things to bolt on. Less bolts, less parts, less time.



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