North Korea famine

Again there was news how north Korea is strugling with famine. Food portions are cut down to 200grams per day. It’s strange that country located so near the ecuator could have so severe famine. If you open google earth and see the country has lot of fields, but also lot of mountains than probably cannot be modifed to farm land. Still i highly doubt that the problem is more in fact they they are probably selling some of the crop to china. But could be that the system is just so poorly run that they really cannot produce enough food. The country is small and it has amazing amount of people. 24 million people in 120 thousand square km. If you compare that to finland that has 300 thousand square km of land and little over 5 million people. And even finland had famine many times, the last in 1866-1868.
Anyway the famine in north korea is mostly caused by the political system. With more free market and more open political system the country would have lot of outside investments and would probably be a great holiday resort. Too bad they don’t have that.


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