Polaris Warn winch rope conversion






Converting polaris warn winch for dyneema rope is a great option when your old winch cable needs to be replaced. Most common option is new dyneema ropes. Dyneema is very tough synthetic material, it doesn’t stretch and has more tensile strength than steel. This why its used in bullet proof vests and other extreme applications.
Dyneema can be used in normal winch, but the wire roller quide needs to be changed for aluminium slide quide as the roller version can cut the rope. Also used roller has usually sharp edges so these can also damage the rope. Rope weights around 300grams and steel wire 1400grams. Aluminium quide is 300grams and steel roller quide is 1000grams. So for people searching for ATV weight loss, this is one good way to drop some unwanted weight. Also rope is said to be more tolerant for tight bending, like plowing with ATV. Steel cable easily brakes as the plow up and down movement cause tight bend in the same part of the cable constantly. Dyneema is also more hand friendly as it has to sharp cable ends and it’s not so cold in winter time. Downside is that steel cable can withstand lot more surface abrasion over rocks or other edges. Dyneema gets damaged much easier and you should also protect it from abrasion against rocks or other sharp objects.

Polaris also sells ready conversion kit for and it is not that expensive. This is not that kit, this is dyneema rope and aluminium quide purchased separately.

Updates to follow when I have some usage experiences…


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