Isle of man Maddness

motorcycle racing has never been so insane…

Slow motion Isle of man. even slow motion seems fast!


Ducati Panigale

For couple of days I’ve been watching videos and pictures of new Ducati Panigale superbike. Let me say, that this moment is similar to the beginning of the 90’s, when 916 model came out. it’s so different, it’s so big leap forward in design. This will mandate how motorcycles are build from this moment on. The Bike rethinks so many parts and keeps only the best of the old. This bike is going to be a classic, it’s going to sell like no other model before and it’s going to be lusted after and dreamed about more than previous models combined.

great pictures of Panigale…the tricolor is just amazing.
panigale pictures from moto blog

The main idea of panigale has clearly been to rethink the whole bike without losing what is most important to ducati. The appeal and hightech. They have kept the single sided swing arm and thus not repeated the failure of 999 model. People just want the SSSA in special ducati bikes, it looks good and is a great functional design. The engine keeps the legendary ducati L-Twin, but steps it up to whole new level with more cubic inches, more revs, more power and more everythings, they have changed the ridiculous 12tkm interval cam belt changes to chain driven cams. Using similar structure already made in TL suzuki, short chain to a gear which transfers the power to the cams. It makes shorter cam chain possible, and makes Cam removal easier. Great idea. only problem could come from simple bicycle style chain. but I quess desmo valve actuators take less power compared to valve springs, so it could be enough to last. But lets remember that this is first time that ducati uses cam chain, so it would be no suprise if there is some issue with the cam chain.

Engine is filled with motogp stuff, but you can learn about those from ducati page.

Frame is close to non existing, there is just headstock/airbox supporting the front end to the front cylinder. Rear subframe is connected to rear cylinder head. Amazing.

Looks like steering damper is located now at the front of the top triple clamp. Ingition lock is little pointy and positioned high, but that is probably because of the frame.

Even all the changes to the main design, ducati has included all the electronic brain childs they could think of, ABS, traction control. Electronic suspension adjustments. But the electronic suspension adjustment is a great idea. I’m almost impressed someone didn’t use if before this. As the suspension behavior can now easily be changed by computer according to driver preference or how the bike is driven. Using same compression and rebound dampening in city traffic and in race track is just silly. Electrical adjustment makes this all history and this is how it should be.


Triumph adventure bike 1200

Triumph new adventure bike looks nice. Finally they have noticed that rear pegs should be bolted on, so they could be removed.

I think the concept is clever. new engine is featuring stacked transmission, high clutch, which makes the engine shorter. Shaft drive is popular in big overland bikes.

i think the bike is probably going to be quite successfull if the price is not too deep. And if the reliability is there.