Polaris front end lift(for plowing)

I purchased Polaris Glacier plow with front attach kit. Problem with polaris 800EFI sportsman is that the front suspension is quite soft and this causes the front to sag pretty much when the plow is raised up. and when you lower the plow to the ground the front end gets back up. Also driving with the plow up causes the ground clearance to be very small, quite hard to drive to lake over some off road with the plow when you don’t have ground clearance under the front end.

Video shows the quick attach DIY tightening kit, that tightens the preload 21mm. This causes the front to drive little higher and also makes the front sag less when the plow is lifted up.

You need spring compressors to install these, but no need to even take the tyre off.

Other lift kit possibility is to add the lift at top of the suspension, but this causes the maximum spring out length to increase and this causes problems with the CV joints. with preload add only, the maximum suspension out length is kept as standard, only the preload is increased.


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