Belkin bluetooth music receiver



Belkin bluetooth music receiver is a very small black box that you can hook to your stereo system and send music to it from mobile phone or laptop. It works great. Easy to install and to pair with laptop or mobile phone. The problem is the sound quality. Its pretty good and better than laptops speakers, but it has no match against laptop connected via cable to the stereo. I listened many different songs with both ways and the bluetooth connection is missing something from the high frequencies. Its hollow and empty. Somehow cold sounding. If the song has singer with piercing high end vocal sound, the sound is just hollow and empty.

Also there has been many people complaining about the range it can carry. Didnt test that. Most testing was with 1m. So the distance didnt cause the problem with sound. Its just a fact that bluetooth cannot carry the full cd level quality sound. And that is a real shame as the idea works great. Listening youtube from laptop and sound coming from stereo system. Nothing better than that. I wonder is there any way to carry full cd level quality to stereo system? Wlan?. I am amazed if it doest exist.



Late addition: I tried to find music that best shows the lack in quality. Best way is to find a mp3 or youtube video that is pure white noise and play that. it just doesn’t sound right. White noise should contain all the frequencies, but through the   bluetooth device it sounds metallic and hollow. Not how it should sound. It should sound balanced. Even though it just noise, it should sound right.

I made video that shows how the white noise is first incorrect, but half way the video changes to cable and the white noise sounds like white noise should sound.

2 responses to “Belkin bluetooth music receiver

  1. Is it using A2DP protocol between mobile and speakers ? …Advanced Audio Distribution
    Profile (A2 DP)

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