Robots. Asimo

I really believe that robots are going to be a huge success in the future. What could be better house hold item than a robot, that would clean, keep quard, and watch over the house and do many of the things that need to be done in a house.

best robot today is probably honda’s Asimo.  Watch the video to find out some of it’s amazing features.

At this point this kind of robots are quite expensive, but in mass production the price would go down dramatically. After all the robot it’s not that complicated. it’s the software that is complicated. And when the software gains new features, all of the robots could be updated to these new features. So the point is not thing what they are today, but what they could be in future. Asimo already shows that they could be great. Hondas idea to do the RnD with robots it a intelligent step. it is going to see the problems first hand and patent some of the key features for future robotics revolution.

At first I would see that the Asimo price would go down to car price level, luxury car. So maybe 100thousand euros. At this point maybe universities or other rich companies could buy it. But soon it would go down to 20thousand range, at this point it’s better alternative to a security quard wandering the halls of hospital or other big factory or warehouses. It needs no sleep, no holidays, it doesn’t steal.

it’s going to happen, there is no doubt about it. But how soon?.. we didn’t have ipods at year 2000….  it’s probably within ten years that robotics are going to be a huge thing. After all it’s a whole new group of things to buy. Couple of years ago there was no robots at all in households. today there is lawn moving robots, vacuum robots. The whole sector is going to expand very rapidly in near future.

The same thing is already happening in manufacturing plants, robots are taking over the manufacturing lines.



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