RFID is the future



Have you been frustrated to stand in line waiting for the cashier . Is it really high tech that cashier is swiping every shopping item in some laser light that reads the value from hex code? I seriously doubt it.  I think the time of waiting in line is thing of the past and it’s going to look just as dated after 20 years as the big screen classic televion. It’s ridiculous looking even today. Same thing with these shopping lines.

And the answer is RFID. Like seen in UPM page, RFID can be printed almost like paper. The manufacturing cost is going to go down to so small price that it can be added to every product. Probably these tags are going to be installed to products straight from factory like bar codes are installed today.

So the time of shopping for 5 minutes and waiting for 5 is over. When the RFID makes the breakthrough and that combined with NFC payment or other new payment method makes the waiting obsolete. You can stuff the every day items straight to your back back or some other carrying item and head straigth to the door. The system will count the total amount and you can pay it with nfc or other method.

I’m waiting for this day, and it feels like I’m stuck in the past as I know that day will come, but I just have to wait for it. Waiting in line-frustrated.

“God grant me patience, but please hurry”



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