Lean Manufacturing


I’m a lean manufacturing fan. And, if you are tired of waiting, you could be too.  The main idea of lean manufacturing comes from toyota, but it’s also made from common sense. By eliminating Waiting,  unnecessary movements and everything that doesn’t make the product better, you are also making product in the best way possible.

I’ve noticed so many times that Waiting is a main part of job, In SW line you are waiting for new SW, new corrections, you are waiting for your laptop to respond, installation times. Time differencies between sites, the waiting is a major part of it.

Waste is not so clear in SW area as you are always making lot of SW packages, that never go to customer. But I don’t consider those as a waste.  I consider that waste is unnecessary mails. Unnecessary reporting, reports that are old before they are  born. Anything that doesn’t provide value to the customer.

In some way, waste is also packages that don’t contain enough new implementation. They are too safe, It’s easy to make a working package without taking any corrections, but that is not what SW testing is trying to do. It has to take lot of corrections and find faults. In that view the expectations are contradictory. In one way everyone wants the package to work, but everyone also needs new implementation. And problems need to be found. Without failure problems cannot be found.  So in some way you need to welcome the failure and realize that it’s part of the job and it’s valuable.

What is not valuable is waiting for your laptop to work. That is just a pure waste that does nothing, it only elevates your blood pressure. There is no reason to keep 100thousand earning sw engineer that has poor laptop and it causes him to get frustrated and to work at 80%. After all, all of his work is done through this laptop/computer.

Everytime you get mails, thing what value they hold. Everytime you wait for something, think is this waiting necessary. What causes this wait?

In lean manufacturing you should not wait, you should pull new stuff in when you have the capability to do so.

You should eliminate movement, waiting, overprocessing, waste and every activity that doesn’t provide real value for the customer.







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