I hope you dance

If you want to do something. If you have the choice to do something, to select the doing instead of standing in the sideline. Select the doing every time. Life is going to rape as all with time. The youth is soon gone and you are noticing lines in your face.

it’s easy to mistaken learning and being just scared. You learn to not take foolish risks when you get older. It’s easy to think that if I drink less than six-pack i don’t get hung over. If I don’t let my heart go, I will not get it broken. And you think it’s learning and some of it is. But you are also slowly building a cage out of concepts. As the years roll forward your cage gets smaller and smaller. Less things are allowed and more things are not ‘wise’. And during the way you feel more comfortable about your life, you are inside your comfort zone. You think you are getting wiser. But part of it is also building a cage that is limiting your life. You are not challenging yourself.

little cheezy vid, but the idea is clearly told in this Lee Ann Womack video. I hope you dance.

If you want to do something, go get it. At least try. Lot of times the outcome is nothing what you wanted, but after you still realize that it was worth the trip.

There was funny comment in Radio about Guns and Roses, “these guys waster their youth. They didn’t left it unused”.



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