Triumph’s new battery

The speed triple 1050 needed a new battery. The old one is not complete waste, but it is not as powerfull i would like. The rest voltage sits at 12.5 and drops to 12.3 in couple of weeks. With power on the voltage goes under 12 almost immediately. It then drops to 11,7 in couple of minutes if lights are on.

The last battery was Varta AGM (absorbted glass matt battery). But this kind of battery needs little higher voltage to reach full charge and speed triple charging voltage is little low to accomplish the full charge. It usually loads with 13,9 volts. AGM battery needs 14.5 or so get full. So after driving 10 hours with 13.9volt charge, the AGM could be still not full.

The new battery is yuasa ytx12bs. I’ve had good results always with Yuasa batteries. They also provide little higher starting current and voltage, so they are good for bikes that are hard starters, like HD’s or Triumphs.

One good tip is to always mark the date to the new battery. This way it’s easy to remember when it was changed. I also mark it to maintenance booklet.




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