Good reading

I have always liked books, when I was younger I used to read all the time. Now days I hardly read books anymore as I find so little interesting ideas from books. Maybe the internet has changed the table and more ideas are available without books. When I used to read, there was no internet and all the ideas came from books.

I don’t like fictional books unless they have so good insights or ideas. Crime novels have little interest to me. What I do like is biography’s. Auto biography’s are even better.

now days I have also found audiobooks, they are great if you do lot of computer work and your eyes get lot of usage already.

Must read/listen list.
Benjamin Franklin autobiography
Theodore Roosevelt (26 president)
Steve Jobs biography
Jimi Hendrix biography(there must be more than one, but the one I read years ago was great)
Thomas Edison
I have to update this, when I remember more…

What is amazing in most these books that the people and the deeds he did are real. They are not fictional. You see how much change has to do with the choices they make and what kind of determination they have needed to push some decisions through.