Rossin mtb

I noticed my old mtb hanging at the storage room. Pumped some air to the tyres and took it for a spin. Its even better than i remembered. I have now focus mtb and i have never liked how it drives. There is just something wrong with the geometry.
And now driving this again i remember how it should be. Even wheelies are just so balanced. The front just works. What is amacing is how comfortable the bike is even on rough roads. The cr-mo frame and front fork somehow absorbs the shocks totally different compared to modern aluminium frames. Also the speed is suprising. It goes fast with little effort. The frames hard springy like behaviour must have something to do with it.
The bike is mostly stock. Only saddle and handlebar has been changed. I have the original handlebar somewhere. It’s quite straight steel bar. Very light.

I bought this bike new. Year 1990. Or 1992 max.
It has shimano xt series hardware. Everything had worked even it has been not been maintained much. Just changed tyres when the old ones are worn out.
I doubt any suspended bikes could go on for 20years with so limited maintenance.







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