Haix desert p9’s

Time for new boots. I opted for haix p9 desert. Very comfortable and reasonably priced shoe for the quality.


EDIT: I have now used these boots and they have proven to be very comfortable and usable. They hold water out very well, but the suede style leather sucks moisture easily from wet grass and the surface gets wet easily and takes a long time to dry out.

They are cool to wear and seem to let out moisture quite nicely, of course gore tex or any other water lined shoe cannot breath as well as shoe without any such liner. But for water proof shoes the breathing is very good.

The sole offers very good traction even on wet rocks. And the angle supports is very good. It allows nice front to back movement, but is stiff sideways.

EDIT: winter comments: I have now used these during the winter, and they are ok’ish, but not that great. These are reasonable warm, but longer periods in -10 will make your toes freeze even with double socks. Also the sole is getting hard when it gets cold. When you come inside from the cold, they are very slippery(hard floor is so slippery during the first steps inside, that it’s like walking on wet ice). Also the sole grooves collect lot of snow to the sole grooves and it’s impossible to bang your foots enough to drop it, you have to brush it off. Of course I understand that commenting desert boots winter capability is not that smart, but many people usually wear the same boots also in the colds. So this is what I have found out. If you want winter boots, get some other model, that has sole, that doesn’t harder up in the cold. Also I think that rubbers like car wheels, stay reasonable soft even in freezing temperatures, so I should not be impossible to make a sole that would work in the hot and in the cold. At least better than this sole. Also the hardening of the sole makes the boot feel stiff and it moves against your feet and can easily make blisters, the boot strap tightness is very important when using these in the cold.



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