Victorinox pioneer. Pocketknife perfection

Friend of mine visited Austria so I asked him to bring a pioneer knife.

Pioneer model is the ‘old’ soldier model that used to be issued to Switch soldiers starting from the 60’s(this model). If you compare it to the red regular switch knifes you notice that it’s little heavier build. The solid alox(aluminium oxide?) side plates make it stiffer and grippier. The knife blade is little bit bigger compared to red sided models.
The spring tension is little stiffer. You need little more strenght to open the blades. So for weak finger people the normal models like compact is better. Heavier spring tension also makes the blades to stay open better. Two line structure makes this knife super thin and you dont even notice it when it’s in your pocket.




Only thing i’m missing is the scissors. But it offers amazing value for the price. 26euros! Can’t beat that. Even chinese knifes can’t beat that. And you get qenuine Victorinox knife with superb quality and heritage.



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