Pursuit of less


This article got me thinking. It’s really true that people are always searching for more and it leads to messiness. The complexity increases over time as new ideas and stuff are added on top of old ones.

Only solution is disciplined pursuit of less. You have to understand that systems and your life gets filled with unnecessary stuff. You have to let something go everytime you bring something new to your life. And the real question is always, do I really love this?

I have been motorcycle enthusiastic for a long time. Is this really what I love-Yes. It’s part of me. I have owned many bikes and usually people think that biker needs to own four bikes to be happy. This is not true. You need one bike you love. The more bikes you have will easily lead to disappointment, as you are driving one and thinking that you should have taken the other model. And when you are driving your car, the pain is just greater, because now there is many bikes undriven, not just one.

Last week I got nice deal on a scooter. I had been thinking for a long time that I have never owned a scooter, and it would be a good idea to own one. After reading the article I realized that ‘do I love this’- NO. This is not necessary, it’s just unnecessary weight on my life. I need to sell it. I have the motorcycle I need. I don’t need another two wheeled thing to separate my thoughts from that.

This is also true for other things too, I have some web sites and other projects that are really not needed. I have to clear those out of my life.

This same problem is also visible in all work related stuff. People want’ more and more stuff, Like automated stuff. But they never understand that it’s leading to unregulated pursuit of more. You just cannot do it. It’s going to weight on you and just going to cost time and money. Take one new thing in and let some old thing go.


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