Life on the screen


I noticed that when I wake up I open the television. At work I watch the screen the whole day. When I get home I watch television screen or computer screen. There is times between, but I also have my smart phone screen to watch. What kind of live is this? Is this really what life should be alike? These screens are quite new in the evolution of things. There was no screens 100 years ago. I was thinking what could be similar and I think of books.. Some people have read books their whole lives. Monks! They copied books and read the bible and lived like monks. This was ongoing in some places maybe 500years ago. Maybe earlier.

Just remember that the life on the screen is not your life. It’s the best minds of the entertainment industry trying to keep your eyes glued to the screen. And you are buying it. You like it. You get the excitement, hate, war, love and fake human contact through these screens. You are not part of it(television), you are just watching it. It’s fake!(well most of it is, some documents are real)

If work demands screen time it’s unavoidable for office hours, but try to limit it. Look out. Watch less television. Stay less time on the internet. It may be hard, but just think that screen is not your life.

James Parus


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