Evolution, religion and God


I was thinking yesterday that because religion is so widespread it must be good for the human evolution. If it would be harmful to people from surviving point of view, those believing people would have died long time ago. Now it looks like atheistic people are minority and majority of people are believers. This would suggest that religion has a evolution benefit.

How could it be beneficial? During the middle ages they used to burn non believing people on bonfires, so believing was beneficial. Crusaders killed thousands of non believers?

But Jesus and also other christian people were persecuted and still they survived?

One idea that we need to consider is that God could actually be on their side? What about different religions? I checked wikipedia and noticed that Christianity is leading, but islam is the second biggest religion.


Maybe Christian god is more powerful compared to Islam god? As it’s more widespread? Some say they all believe in the same god. If this is the case, maybe the God is more pleased with the Christian way of worship?

Other way to look it, is to separate religion evolution from human evolution. So religions get better over time and people are just the intermediate, the substance religion is based on.



One response to “Evolution, religion and God

  1. I am God, and having 30003 names.
    Most theists are obsolete, so of course I have 9009 ways to kill them,
    allowing all people ample time to cross breed
    Since time is relative, I can compress it, and expand it
    This using my physics laws, 303 in number
    I used intelligent design, time compression, to create
    this universe, a relative universe, in 7 billion years
    including progressions and pulses
    in 6 days time and 7 seconds
    You confuse human error
    with God
    i never erred but you did 3857463525424503495610384756 times
    only in the time since you were an amoeba
    EVE o lute of Zion
    Evolution is a code
    and scripture has 707 meanings to the illuminatus
    which means the Enlightened
    email me sometime, if you want your HALO GENES to code
    I can anoint you so you may use more than 10% of the brain
    but infinite thoughts may cause Nirvana, Ecstasy
    and dangerous risk of stroke
    unless you touch me or my garments
    then I can correct some imbalances in Biochemicals
    at neural synapses
    Read my post on Enlightenment
    I exist to help atheists as much as any theist
    many of them are very stupid
    and they bore me
    yet in Sympathy Religion increases their lifespans by 7 years

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