Using Ducati rear wheel in Triumph (SSSA)

Some Triumph and Ducati models have single sided swing arm(often shorted = SSSA). Ducati have many models of SSSA wheels. Also lot of special wheels and cheap used wheels are available for Ducati that are not available for Triumph. So I found this yellow Ducati wheel for 60euros, so can I fit it to Triumph?

The fitment is similar in both. The tabs that hold the wheel in place are the same diameter and size, but the offset of the wheel is different. Ducati wheel center is 15mm lower compared to the Triumph. So 15mm spacer is needed to fit Ducati wheel to Triumph. And that spacer needs to hold the triumph hub tabs and have new tabs that hold the Ducati wheel from not spinning.

Also the outer spacer needs to be made. Triumph normal spacer doesn’t work for Ducati wheel.

Friend of mine made these spacer for me(inner and outer) and it has worked great. I usually keep the touring tyre on the Ducati rim and some more track worthy tyre on the original Triumph wheel.

There is no real weight benefit, because this style Ducati wheel is at least same weight as Triumph wheel. But with this spacer I can use almost any Ducati wheel on Triumph.



7 responses to “Using Ducati rear wheel in Triumph (SSSA)

  1. great explanation man, thanks a lot for this , i want to put a 1098 ducati wheel in my 955i, and you help me with my doubts.

  2. Thanks for the descriptions of the change to rear Ducati wheel.
    I’m also thinking about a similar tuning, but with a modified Ducati rim, 4,5″.
    What is your current axial distance between rear brake caliper and the wheel spokes?
    Thanks a lot.

    • I think you can determine it by measuring the rim hub level to the rim edge. Rim on flat surface and minus half the rim Width. Same measures from both and you should know the spacer thickness.

      • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunaly I read it just now…
        I don’t worry about the spacer thickness or the wheel offset, cause I don’t want to use a spacer. My intention is to narrow a Duc 916 rim only on swingarm side to get a 4.5″ rim (160mm tyre. Yay!). The resulting lateral offset of the wheel would be max. 2mm.
        What I need is the resulting distance between caliper and rim spokes using the Duc 916 rim with the 15mm spacer in this modification.
        I see it as a realistic calculation task for me to subtract the 15mm spacer thickness from the measured distance. 😉

        Stay tuned

  3. Hi I have a triumph sssa in my project but the wheel needs to move over to the right about 12mm. Do you think I could achieve this by using a Ducati wheel? Would I be able to use a 15+12mm spacer on the inside of the wheel or would that not leave enough thread? Thanks

      • Hi, I know that the Ducati wheel on the triumph sits 15mm too far to the left, but I’m wondering if I can space it over 15+12, 27mm, would there be enough thread left over? I notice a spacer was made due to there being too much on the thread side, but didn’t say what width it was! Thanks

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