Triumph fuel filter change

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 -05 fuel filter needs to be changed around 20tkm, same filter is how ever used in K1200 BMW and it has 40tkm change interval. But changing the filter is quite easy.

First remove the tank. The actual fuel pressure line has quick detach plug that needs to be pushed in from the sides. Ball went will close the tank end of that line, so there is not much fuel spill, but it’s good to empty the tank before hand or run it almost dry. Also fuel level wire needs to be removed and overflow/breather lines.

Unbolt the fuel pump/filter assembly

Pump coming out.

Fuel pump assembly

Removing the Filter

New filter (Mahle Knecht KL145) ready to be installed. Make sure the arrow is facing the right direction, and make note how the old one was installed.

New filter installed

I opened the Old filter to see how much dirt is inside of it, but there was no major contamination. So it would have most likely been ok to drive it up to 40tkm. I have heard that some newer speed triples do not have the filter at all.? The just have the plastic screen to take the biggest particles. Same screen is visible on the fuel pump picture.

Make sure the overflow tube is not kinked when installing the tank. It’s very easy to leave it kinked and this can cause the fuel filler surrounding to hold rain water that drops into the tank when the filter is opened, make sure the lines are straight. it’s best to use some small syringe and some water and test that the overflow tube works. Also the breather line needs to be correctly installed or the tank can create vacuum. Open the tank after driving maybe 10km, if there is vacuum in the tank, it’s not correctly installed. Pressure fuel line is pretty idiot proof, just plug it in and it snaps back on. And it’s curved so that it doesn’t kink easily.


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