Triumph rear hub maintenance

This is a older video I made about the triumph SSSA hub maintenance. I changed all the bearings to new. Triumph hub should be at least checked and lubed every 20tkm. If it gets dry it may seize during driving and cause rear wheel lockup. Or at least leaves you on the road.

I could add the bearing types, but I can’t recall them at this time. Any good bearing shop can help you, just take the old ones there and they can order the parts. I would guess that good bearing dealer could also change the bearings, just take the whole hub there.



One response to “Triumph rear hub maintenance

  1. A note of thanks to James. Your SSSA hub video took the mystery (and apprehension) from this job, for me. Some more detail on the bearing removal procedure would’ve been good, as the workshop manual doesn’t cover it, either. Great Vid, thanks again. Leon ST99

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