2013 writing a diary



New year and blog is going to continue as usually.

When new year starts it’s the best time to start writing a journal/diary. When year 2000 changed, I wanted to write down something everyday, sort of describe the time and life in general. I missed that year, but I wrote diary from the year 2001 and couple of years after.

What is best part of diary is to read it after many years and see how much you have learned and how much you have forgotten.

Manual diary is great, but there is many good ways to keep a diary. One is a blog, Private or not, but you can update it easily with mobile phone(wordpress or blogger) and you can add videos, audio and pictures. Also you can access it anywhere and share it easily. Is it safe? well paper copy is not safe if you consider it.

One good way to keep a diary is google account. Every google account has possibility to use google drive, Create a new document there. Name it as diary 2013 and start writing. You can access it anywhere. So it’s easy to update and you can attach pictures also. Of course adding pictures is little bit harder compared to a blog.

On possibility is Evermint. You can access it from the web or with Android/iphone app.

What I have noticed is that if you just write what has happened, it goes nowhere. It’s best to write your ideas and visions. What are you planning to do. And did you achieve it.

Sometimes I wrote only poems or ideas, not actual events. So if something happened and I noticed something about life in general I wrote that idea down, not the actual event.

I think the best way is to combine the both, Actual events, poems, ideas and visions. With pictures and attached ideas that you like.

James Parus

P.S. I’m hitting the 100 post mark with this post.


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