Motorcycle season 2013 started


Still bitter cold 5degrees celsius at the sun. But highways are clear of ice so i started the season with short 20km test ride. Bike worked perfectly. And it still pulls like a train.



Polaris on ice

Amazing weather. Headed out to the lake. Great fun. But ice is kinda boring environment for atv. So i can enjoy this only one time / year.



How to improve life or anything


This may sound almost over simplistic and stupid, but I know how to improve things. Life, products, services or any other thing.

To improve things or life you need to remove negative things and add positive things. Don’t just add stuff, you need to remove stuff also. If something is broken, fix it. When you fix things the world becomes a better place.

just look around you, what is positive and what is negative. Toss the negative and add some positive.


Toyota Avensis 2012, what’s annoying.

I made little video about some things that are annoying me about Avensis 2012. Mostly because most of these issues could be easily fixed and Toyota should quite easily notice these problems. I wonder who did test this car? Because I noticed most of these problems in a week.

And almost all of these points are not debatable or matter of opinion. They are just not right.