Kawasaki KLX250S EFI wideband lambda

I made some wideband lambda sensor measurements to verify that engine is not running lean after snorkel mod.


I made this extension between header and the muffler.


It moves the muffler back so it needed temporary mounting.


Very ugly electric work. I just needed 12volts for the lm-2 box.

At first I didn’t get any readings(showed 7.5 mixture all the time).  But after calibration the lambda from the lm-2 it started to work. The mixture is ok. Its 12, 5 to 13.8 in accelerations. Idle is around 14. Normal cruising is between 13-14. This verifies my feelings, the bike seems to be running very correct fueling.

Bike has limiter removal(clutch switch sorted). Kdx200 snorkel and SAI blocked. Breather line modded also. I reached indicated 133km/h.


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