SEIKO SKX007 case modified


I bought a Seiko SKX007 automatic, sort of basic dive watch which has gathered some cult following in the internet. After first day of use I noticed the grown guards are quite sharp and out there. Making the watch somewhat unpleasant to wear. I was amazed that how this kind of old model could have such a issue that I could notice it during the first day. This watch case must have been in manufacturing over 10 years(not sure). After searching the net I found couple of notices that the case is painful for some people.

well anyways my first thought was taking a dremel tool. Should I dismantle the watch before doing it? nah, I just removed the strap and taped the whole watch with painters tape, it fits between the grown and the grown protector, Then with very small file, I filed the grown guard down very carefully. And with the help of the tape there was no misses to the grown or the case. Then I took very small dremel polishing wheel and made little polishing. After this I washed the watch and removed the tape. Then made the other side of the grown, I think making one side at a time, gives you better chance to tape up the grown so that the seal is mostly protected.

These pictures are the before and after.

Stock case

Stock case


I didn’t make any final polishing as I’m still not sure is the mod complete or not, So I wear it for couple of days to see how it feels now and maybe then decide what to do.

My first impression is that the watch is much better this way. Before this you could take the watch and make scratches to your arm with the grown guard, not that is impossible.

I know someone could consider this as butchering of a perfectly good watch, but this is quite cheap watch and the usability value is what counts, And I just didn’t like how it felt with the stock case.

SEIKO SKX007 case modified



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