MIG-21 and Saab Dragen at Tikkakoski aviation museum

you can get real close look at the MIG-21 and Saab Dragen at the Tikkakoski museum.

The Saab looks like something out of Battlestar Galactica. No separate tail, just huge deltawings.

When I was serving in Army, I saw these landing on roads in the middle of the night. And when you stand on side of the road the effect of the dragen just touching the ground then activating after burner and getting back up. it’s quite loud! And you stand like 10m to the side of it.



Klx250s cam mod (marcelino mod)


Made the cam mod. I did just the intake side. The difference is noticable. Bike intake sound is different and it pulls really good. The mod is kinda tricky to make as you easily get confused during the change and loose your situational awareness. If you want to do the mod, just search for marcelino cam mod. Some people do it for the exhaust side. Some for both sides. The problem with the exhaust side is the automatic decompressor automatic that needs to be reset. So doing the intak only is simpler and seems to give nice power even without the exhaust side.