Helkama mini

I bought this moped over 30years ago. Just to get motor for my go-cart. The engine served as cart engine for years.  Around my 14 birthday i wanted something wity two wheels and my dad and me fixed this moped. After that it has been sort of summer cottage moped. Unregistered and just pure fun.

The frame was originally just the lower beam, but frame is so flexy we welded this new top tube which makes frame a loy stiffer and better handling.

It also had bicycle style pedals, buy those have been removed and now it has folding pegs.

Saddle was originally more bicycle style saddle, but now its more like 60’s mopeds style saddle.

This moped is manufactured by Helkama and model name is mini, because it has 16″ wheels. Which is an odd size.

Engine is italian Demm(two stroke 50cc). Short stroke and high reving, at least when tuned.

Engine type plate dates this to 1966. It used to be my old aunts bike.






It has just two gears. It used to have hand shifter, but now i shift from that Aluminium lever that sticks up. Just kick forward for first and back for second and the neutral is at the center.



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