Regulating Seiko skx007



My seiko has been running way slow from the day i got it. It’s losing like 50s each day. This sounds bad, but at least it is consistent. So when its regulated and made go faster it should be accurate because it is consistent.

I adjusted it quite alot. At first adjust I noticed the watch became fast, it was gaining like 4seconds in half hour. I adjusted it again and after that it was still fast, but less, after three adjustments I’m now following it now for longer time. The adjuster is really sensitive.

But often you read about people claiming that out of the box their SKX is really accurate, this is probably just good luck. If it’s minute low each day, it’s just a very little adjustment.

also another claim is usually that it’s better to have fast movement, because when it gets older it slows down. Actually the movement can be adjusted so easily and every movement can be made fast if needed. So SKX cannot be valued on the fact how accurate it is. It’s more to do how consistent it is. Minute fast or slow is easily adjusted by clocksmith or by yourself.

in a sense the movement is not fast or slow, it’s just the adjustment. As the SKX is a cheap watch the manufacturer doesn’t have time to regulate it accurately and watch can also run fast or slow depending on the usage/temperature.

I found if very time consuming to adjust the watch this way. You have to wait for hours or days to notice the mistake in the clock running speed. I found youtube video that mentioned regulating watch using Audacity voice recording program. So i started audacity(I had it already installed) and recorded the watch tics and then determined the speed of the clock according those tics. I a few minutes I was able to adjust the watch very accurately. it’s now running maybe 5sec fast /day. I’m very happy about the resuls and how fast and easy it is to adjust the watch using audacity. I’m planning to do video explaining the usage of audacity in watch regulating.

here’s video explaining how to use the audacity program