Puukko #5 ready

this time I concentrated to the sheath decorations and overall color scheme, so everything is in line with each other. And shape/size is balanced.

I’m very happy with the result.



Atv snow chains

Installed snow chains for the first time.



These are diamond style pattern chains. Little bit harder to install. If you want to take the chains off and reinstall often it’s best to buy ladder style chains as they are easier to install. Because there is only side tension. Diamond chain needs to be tightened from the center too.


Lauri Skinner puukko project

This puukko is made by me using Lauri skinner 90 blade. Dual layer heat threated carbon steel blade. Curly birch handle, brass bolsters with leather layer behind the front bolster. Sheet has birch blade protector. Handle and sheet has been linseed oiled multiple times and beeswaxed. Knife handle has also antique wood treatment which makes it little bit darker.