Youtube monetize – remove them all!

Couple of months ago I activated google monetize for most of my videos, some videos got like 10k views, so the monetize doesn’t pay anything.

Most of the people recommend that you should activate monetize to all videos. But that makes no sense. It is only annoying to watch those adds and video maker gets nothing.

So I removed now all my monetize settings. If I can make only couple of $ each year it makes no sense to keep those active.

I fully understand monetizing viral videos that reach millions views. I would do it if that situation comes up.

And you have plenty of time to activate the monetize when the viral vid hits 10-20k views. Because if it’s going to million views, it’s not going to effect anything if the monetize is active for 1000000 or for 1020000 views.

I recommend that you would do the same, remove all the adds.



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