Klx250 leo vince x3



Used x3 muffler. I removed the tail. Have to build lighter tail light and license plate holder.



7 responses to “Klx250 leo vince x3

  1. Hello. Nice info on your blog, really. One question, because you have modified the snorkel with kdx200, and added new muffler (aftermarket), do you need to change the fuel maps too (device like power commander or other FI controller)? Did you tested the A/F mixture, like you tested with airbox mod only?

    • Yes I tested and the air fuel ratio was OK in both cases. It could be that it’s possible to get more power with richer mixture. But it seems that the ecu can correct the mixture with its own lambda.


      • Thanks JP.

        There are a lot of rumors on the forums, and people talking about “a must have” programmer if you open the air flow, supposing that the engine will run dangerously lean, but they all talk without facts, without testing…

        I have kdx200 snorkel installed, and ordered an aftermarket exhaust (it is custom made slip on only with o2 mount). I really needed this info, someone that has tested. I will also do the tests by myself, and keep you posting with the results. I hope they will be the same.

        Best Regards,

    • I did notice that if I remove the SAI electric valve, it gives ALARM to the dash. So I left the solenoid, but I blocked the SAI inlet, so it would not work anymore. I actually Wanted to improve the breather system. The breather system is connected to the airbox at very low point. And to prevent oil blowing into airbox, the airbox hole has very small hole, it looks big, but inside there is only 2mm or so hole to the airbox. So after plugging SAI, I actually connected the engine breather to the SAI feed hose that is connected to the top of the airbox. So original SAI hose from the Airbox and new big rubber hose to the engine breather. This worked quite well. Not much oil in the airbox with wheelies or any that stuff. The normal breather hole is just too low at airbox.

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