Sugar is bad for you


Here’s my opinion why sugar is bad for you. In the graph you see three different diet’s. The first represents normal balanced diet without a sugar, in this case you get enough minerals and vitamins and fiber. You are not gaining or losing weight. Your body is happy and not forcing you to eat more.

Second represents situation where you have filled a big part of your daily food intake with empty sugar energy, it has no nutrition, it has no fiber, vitamines or minerals. Your body is starving from nutrition point of view, even it’s getting enough energy. You could think your diet is healthy because your body weight is ideal, but it’s not.

Third diet is a diet where you eat enough food for good nutrition, vitamin, fiber and minerals, but you also eat sugar, and you gain weight slowly but steadily.

So looking at this it’s very easy to understand that there is no safe way to use sugar. Only solution is to use it in very small amounts. this is the only way that it doesn’t interfere with your nutrition level or weight.


Great related article about sugar.

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