MacGyver analysis

Many companies search for MacGyver style persons. It has become epitome for intelligence and quick thinking and unorthodox problem solving. However we would analyze what kind of person MacGyver really is what would we find out?
MacGyver is not a planner. He doesn’t prepare forehand, he faces problems unprepared with only minimal equipment. Every solution he makes is really a hack, quick and dirty, it is never meant to work for a long time. Usually it’s made to get him or some other person out of trouble. He doesn’t fine tune, or search for perfection, if something works, he doesn’t mess with it.
If we look at MacGyver’s life, he is not aiming for perfection. His car is not his pride and joy or the focus of his technological improvements, it’s just a beaten up, un-washed old jeep that has no extras, it has nothing. Only hobby seems to be playing hockey.
MacGyver is usually working alone. He has good communication skills, but he works alone, lives alone. Sometimes even plays hockey alone. He probably cannot tolerate normal job, as he does projects, and between those projects, he just spends his time living laid back life and helping people.
MacGyver is environmentalist, a vegetarion and he doesn’t use guns. This environment mentality most likely is one of the reason he is not working for major companies, but for Phoenix foundation which seems to be more like charity organisation dealing with environment protection and other issues.
MacGyver has no career ambitions, he has been ‘found’ by Pete Thorton, but he is in no need to start a business or take part in one. He never talks about money and probably uses very little as he never updates his car or even housing.
MacGyver has no ego. He doesn’t show off with watches, cars, motorcycles or housing. He doesn’t even want to appear enthusiastic. Even against top leaders he appears casual and walks his laid back low paced walk.
However he always thinks there is a way out. No matter whats the situation, he faces usually life and death situations with calmness, like someone who has faced it so many times, that it is normal for him.  However dealing with other people, and working in security makes him very anxious, almost manic. He obviously cannot handle this kind of stress well.
There is nothing tactical about Macgyver, he doesn’t prepare for the worlds end, he doesn’t wear any tactical gear even he probably has military training. Only tool he usually uses is his swiss pocket knife, and even that one is one of the cheapest models available.
MacGyver has quite low interest of latest technology, He uses computer if he needs information, but nothing more. He drives old cars, fixes old stuff. He has old Harley, never tunes it or even drives it. He is probably not motivated by money and mostly likes laid back tasks, which usually just seem to turn against him. At this point he finds a hack to get him out of the problems.
So you want to hire this man? Just be sure that you know what you are getting.



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