Jolla Phone

I won Jolla phone. I try to gather some info here.

Jolla Phones

Jolla is designed in Finland, it uses Meego OS called Sailfish. So it’s linux similar to android and can run most Android apps. But the user interface is different, it is gesture based, sliding from edges and such. so not much buttons.

Jolla was established on the ruins of Nokia Phone company, When Stephen Elop became the CEO of the company, they stopped all the other phone OS projects that were not related to Microsoft strategy. So Meego /Maemo OS based phone Nokia N9 was the last and only phone to use this OS.

After this massive amounts of coders and other specialist were laid off and many left the company on their own terms, but the core Meego guys Formed Jolla company. Which is probably kinda a joke, as Elop claimed that everyone should bail out from the burning platform, but Jolla is actually a name of small sail boat.

The good part is that even if Jolla is very small company, Nokia had already used massive amount of money to the project and when they dumped it Jolla was there to continue the development.

My first issue was to install Google play store and google hangouts. This is a good quide for it.
Google play services to Jolla

Video about general functions…




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