I wanted the try the 250cc class. Just because after having many honda 650cc enduro’s I always wanted something lighter and a bike capable handling the off-road and dirt road driving.

I try to collect my mods and other KLX related stuff under this page.

my KLX250S is european EFI version 2011 model.

Mods so far:
-header ported (weld beam removed)

clutch wire short to bypass EFI restriction

higher handlebars

KDX200 snorkel mod

Kawasaki bash plate

UFO hand guards

Lithium battery

Leo Vince X3 exhaust

So far I have noticed that KLX seems to get very good fuel consumption numbers. 3.5litres/100km. It can run at 60mph(100km/h) travel speed, but is not very enjoyable at those speeds, anything lower is very easy and comfortable. It can go off-road, but it’s not a 100kg race enduro. But it can do it, in a slower speed at least.
The best usage area is small dirt roads where the speeds needed are lower and weight(138kg) doesn’t matter as much as in real off-road. And driving small dirt roads is what I like to do.



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