Suzuki TLS

Suzuki TLS -97. You love it or hate it, it’s that kind of bike. If you have owned one, you have memories and stories to told forever. It’s mostly because it’s unreliable, it’s dangerous, it’s a power wheelie monster. You may hate it when it doesn’t work, but when it works you are hanging of for dear life and front wheel is floating slightly of the road. It sounds awesome and feels more powerfull than it really is. This is mostly because the stock suspension is poor and brakes are just barely enough.

When I bought suzuki it was couple of years old, it was already running it’s third ECU(factory recall), new clutch(factory recall), and there was steering damper installed(factory recall as it tankslapped easily), also fuel tank had been replaced as it leaked fuel(factory recall).

What I was looking was a bike that would wheelie of the throttle and would have good enough brakes that rear would lift up when braking. And the bike would preferably have less than four cylinders. Suzuki TL was the first to match this criteria.

Trackday, chasing ducati 996, I should have known this is going to end badly…

And it did. Luckily the damage was minimal from the lowside my ego caused. Only bruises and I had to ride 100km back home with fourth gear only as the gear lever broke.

zip ties hold the peg…Always remember to take zip ties!

it was quite easy to fix. New left side fairing, mirror, welded the exhaust hole and it was back on the road.

Suzuki with scorpion exhaust cans, it was loud! I usually rode with stock exhaust cans as I liked the sound and the silent flying feeling on the highway at 120km/h, problem with suzuki is that it doesn’t work under 120.

Suzuki was notarious for technical issues, electrical cut outs from poor and corroding contacts, slipping clutch(needed heavier springs), leaky clutch cover, oil in airbox, leaking water pump seal(drove 100km with water leaking all the time). And of course the legendary spun crank big end bearings. Of course the wheelies never helped the engine or the raising oil level from fuel going to crank case as the ecu’s thermometer was located to the radiator and it always kept the mixture too rich.

Water pump seal. Old and new.

Engine dismantle after the engine started knocking

Something is not right..

To fix suzuki rear suspension I bought a used ohlins shock, it made the bike 100% better, seriously!

I also changed the bars to helibars, as the stock clip-ones are annoyingly low. This also made the bike pretty much 100% better for everyday usage. Best mods ever. Ohlins and helibars.

45 rear sprocket made it accelerate like grazy! third gear power wheelies. At first gear the front end doesn’t stay down at all. Anything up from 1/3 throttle and it’s up.

I did tons of mods:
-Temp sensor relocation to thermostat housing
-190 to 180 rear wheel
-airbox mod(flapper removal)
-ohlins rear shock
-Sparkko mod/+mod(I invented it)
-45teeth rear sprocket
-It could have used heavier rate front end springs.

it’s a great bike, but there is so many bikes that are much better.:) If you are considering one, buy a aprilia mille or honda SP-01/02, they are much better bikes.:)

I sold the suzuki tl because I had just bought the 954rr project from the insurance company. And one big factor was to get something that can be trusted.



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