Speed Triple throttle body mod

Triumph Speed Triple was introduced in mid’s on 90’s, but it only got the ‘big’ 1050cc engine starting from 2005 year model. The engine is three cylinder inline engine with 12 valve. Engine is rated for 130hp, usually these engines produce 110RWHP  in dyno testing totally stock. Open exhaust can liberate couple of extra ponies, but to get more you need to do more. One intake area modification is to grind off the step from the throttle bodies. The step visible in this photo is against the flow.    Also the throttle blade holder shaft can be smoothed out and narrowed a little so it doesn’t interfere with the airflow. To accomplish this the throttle body set needs to be almost completely taken apart, which means lot of setting up and tuning after it has been put together. All the throttle blades need to close exactly similarly or it’s impossible to set the throttle body vacuum balance.

Balancing the throttle bodies, in triumph the balancing values can be seen in tuneboy software. It uses the bikes own vacuum sensor and it knows which cylinder sucks at a given time when the engine is running, so it can differentiate the vacuum values for each cylinder and show it. During this it’s possible to adjust the throttle body balance by adjustment screws in throttle body housing.

The power gains in probably very small, but for people wanting to do every little part little better, it is mandatory.



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