Speed Triple 1050 valve check

If I remember correctly speed triple valve check interval is 25000km. I have not heard that any triumph would have needed adjusting at this first check. But check is a check. It’s there so you can be sure.

First the tank needs to be removed.

This shows the tank main fuel pressure line quick connect, press from the white squares to relase it. There is a ball valve that shuts down the fuel spill from the tank, so the tank can have fuel and you only get couple of drops leak if you just pull the plug out fast enough.

After tank is off. Unscrew the airbox lid, it has screws on the outer edge and one in the center.

Airbox is held with two little bolts(10mm). the front has just slide type mounting. Intake rubbers are just spring tensioned to the throttle bodies, so after removing these two small bolts, you can lift the airbox off. On the right side there is breather line and left side has small draintube also.

view without the airbox. Next is stickcoil removing and pair valve.

Stick coils removed.

Pair valve removed, it is a secondary air injection that leads air from the airbox to the exhaust valve area.

Cam cover removed.

Side view

Measuring clearances, 0,1-0,2 intake, 0,2-0,3 exhaust. I just check that the cam is up and measure under the valve that has cam up.

To turn the engine I opened the right side engine cover to turn the engine. Brave souls can turn it from the rear wheel too.

Combining two leafes gives you the thickness you need.

Measuring intake. If you want to make it simple, just measure it with 0,10 and 0,20. So the 0,2 should not go in, and 0,10 should go. Between that it’s ok.

All the valves were within the specs. I also changed the plugs at the same time. Triumph is very prone to plug well rust and plugs can get stuck to the head, so changing the plugs is cheap insurance. I can highly recommend iridium plugs, stock plugs have heat range 9, but newer 1050’s have 8. I have the iridiums with 8 heat range and they have been working better than any other set I have tried.

When putting it back together, make sure you attach the breather line and drain tube to the airbox bottom. Also make sure the intake rubbers meet the throttle bodies and don’t get kinked.

Again make sure after installing the fuel tank, that the tank filler overflow tube is no kinked(water would stay around the filled and drop into the tank when opening the fuel filler) and tank breath line works and is not kinked, if it is, the tank creates a vacuum while driving. It’s very easy to get these lines mixed up or kinked.



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