Triumph Sargent seat


After couple of years riding with Triumph original seat I got tired of it. It’s pretty good, but after 100km your ass falls a sleep. There is no possibility to change the point where you sit at, as the seat is like a ramp, that slides the rider against the tank.

So I bought a Sargent seat, and as the heating option was not that expensive, I checked that box also. So the rider part of the seat has a heating element. It’s also possible to get the passenger seat with heating. Some people have questioned is the heating really necessary, but I have always said, that no-one in cold countries would buy a car without heated seats, I think it’s the same with bike, you don’t need if often, but when you need it, it’s really nice to have.

Seat on the bike.

The bottom plate is nice and has a tool tube.

Heating related wiring.

The max heating setting takes 1.9amps. So when the bike has 12 volts, the heating element is P=UxI= 12×1.9 = ~24watts. Not much, but the max setting is hot!, even in cold weather you can use half of the power and it’s plenty warm..

Thermostat setting knob needed a good place to be, I noticed that it has to be on the handlebars, as it’s easiest to adjust while driving and you can see the led that shows is it on or not.

The Sargent seats comfort is amazing, you can sit further back or closer to the tank, so you get a choice of seating position and when you get tired of one position you can change it. Also the seat works great for trackdays too and the rear seat form gives great support during hard acceleration or wheelies.



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