Speed triple upgrade

What are these?


They are major improvement to speed triple 1050. When the model 1050 came to market during 2005 the model had issue that if the bike was washed or riden in rain the spark plug holes leaked water to the plug wells and this causes spark plug rust and plugs can get stuck to the cylinder head. Or misfires if lot of water was present. These seals are improved design that keeps the water out. I think Triumph models after 2008 already have these updated models from the factory.

I’m installing these the next time the tank is removed. This way my 2005 moves one upgrade closer to 2008.


Ctek MXS 5.0 POLAR

I bought a new battery charger CTEK MXS 5.0 POLAR, I used to have CTEK XS3600. I needed cold weather specific model and with more power, the old one is 3.6 amps, and this new one is 5.0amps. Also the polar model cables should be more cold proof and it has more functions for battery recondition.

Here’s fast video showing the main stuff in the package.

I post more info as the story develops.