Speed Triple

I have never had so high bike fever than I had for speed triple 1050. It’s possible only in a situation where you know exactly what you want, there is no hesitation. You are willing to give it all to get it. I had two other bikes at the moment, honda cbr954rr and FMX650. But when I test rode my friends Speed Triple I just knew, this is it. This is the best bike ever. It has all the attributes I’m looking for in a motorcycle. Good power, easy to handle, laid back upright driving position, strange looks and monster torque. I sold those two bikes in two weeks and with money on hand, drove 200km to ‘nearby’ city and bought a 2005 model with 13tkm on the clock. It was mostly stock, but it had lot of triumph optional parts. Carbon look frame protectors, TORS(Triumph offroad silencers), hugger fender and fly screen.

This was taken couple of days later

My speedy is the one with the fly screen, the other one is the one I testdrove.

First mod, frame sliders. Actually zx-9r sliders(bargain)

During the first winter I removed the exhaust and smoothed out the exhaust headers.(result 0% gain:))

Next mod was new bars, triumph original fat bar, that i bought used.

the famous bug eyes.

Trip to lapland, Triumph works very well as a touring bike

During 2008 winter, I bought a MIVV exhaust, lost 6kg of weight! I also changed the TORS tune to ARROW tune.(tuneboy)

Some Trackdays

More trackdays.

Looks like triple is drunk, but it’s ready for a trackday

Knee down

All in all, Speed triple is the best bike I have ever owned, and I still have it. It’s a great overall bike. It can tour, look good, do trackdays, stunts. It has torque and works reliably. I had couple of problems, this site contains write up about the ignition lock wire issue. Some front brake mushiness that was corrected for warranty. Leaking fork seal(normal for any bike).

The odo now reads close to 40thou km.

Story continues when it develops….



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