Around 2002-> I started to think that i need a fireblade. I looked 900rr models, 1998 or so models. But after couple of years thinking about it i found crashed 954rr 2003 model with only 5000km on the clock.
I bought it from insurance company(write off bike). Still young and stupid…

it seemed like a good idea at the moment. It was cheap. Registered at 2004 and pretty much new, but man it was rough.

back on wheels. And it runs! At this point I already bolted on new subframe and rear fairing.

Taking shape. Fairings have been painted, just need to add stickers.

Because 954rr is notorious for tank slapping, I bought used ohlins steering damper. Definately worth the price! Cheap insurance.

I also bought used power commander and found good place to install it, this way it doesn’t take the storage space under the rear seat.

After frame measurement and registration it was ready. (frame sliders added also), it was pretty!

One of the first trackdays with 954rr. It’s one of the best trackbikes during that time period.

Second summer ended in little wheelie loop, and it landed on the engine casing, bending the crankshaft end. BUMMER! So it was time for a new engine.

Frame removed from the motor, In 954 it’s easier to do it this way.

new engine mated with the frame. Actually I just lifted the frame on top of the engine.

During the previous winter I bought already used blue tank and fairings. Swing arm installed…

Almost there. Blue color is nice.

Back on the road. Actually the other side had red fairing, It took me almost a year to find a blue sidefairing for the right side.

Sunny.. 954RR is one of the best bikes of the era. It’s very light weight. Fuel injected and fast.

I sold this bike around 2007? to get money for the speed triple. But 954rr was a great bike. It’s reliable if you just don’t crash it. It has quite easy riding position and it can tour, wheelie and do trackdays. I did one drag racing day with it. Best time was 10.9s. I Can’t even count the trackdays I did with it. Probably ten or more. It was on it’s side more than in one occasion. I never checked the valves or even changed plugs. Just the engine 🙂 and oil every 5000km. It had around 36tkm on the clock when I sold it.



2 responses to “CBR954RR

  1. 14 years later and I just picked this bike up! Your endeavors are impressive. I have trouble taking off fairings…And yes, I found your website through “954rr right side fairing” … I slid out on gravel the first day I bought it :(. I learned about tire rot that day, haha. learning woes of a motorcyclist…

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